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Now Open to Full Capacity!

02 06 2020 Monsignors 454 copy.jpg
02 06 2020 Monsignors 443 copy.jpg
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"Welcome to Monsignor Murphy's!  A local's favorite spot to drink for over 30 years.  Order a beer, take a shot, and mingle with the wide variety of colorful characters and bartenders.  Some of whom have been patronizing and working here from the very beginning.  We would love to make you a regular as well, so take a seat and let's drink! 

We have/and will be open every single day of the year!
We do not have a kitchen but we offer free popcorn and our next door neighbors offer their full menu and free delivery. See Menu

Outside food is also welcome.



whats inside.jpg

We watch Jeopardy every single weekday at 3:30 with sound!!

We have a large front porch and patio for summer sun basking and people watching


For major Chicago Sports games (playoffs), music will be postponed and sound will be on for the game


Unfortunately we are not allowed to have animals in the bar, front and also Beer Garden.

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